After disabling old internal HDD through bios Windows still starts from old drive.?

I have been trying, for days, to get Windows to boot from my new SSD. Windows does recognize both drives and I am able to set the boot order in bios to begin with SSD, but Windows still boots only from HDD. And like the title says I even went as far as disabling old HDD in bios. Windows will only boot from new SSD if I physically remove old HDD.

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  • Marduk
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    3 years ago
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    Ken, if the SSD boots, format the HDD so the OS is gone. You also have to set BIOS To AHCI:

    Tap the correct F-key to get into your BIOS/EFI. This varies depending on the manufacturer and make of the motherboard. .

    Once in your BIOS or EFI, look for references to your “hard drive” or “storage”. ...

    Change the setting from IDE or RAID to AHCI.

    Normally, hit F10 to save and then exit.

  • RichB
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    3 years ago

    Use a partitioning tool such as GParted to mark the Windows partition on your HDD as inactive. That should stop Windows from trying to boot from it.

    (You may want to disconnect your SSD BEFORE you try this, just in case you accidentally do something to the partitions on there.)

    I only recommend GParted because I've used it before and found it easy to use. Also it's completely free. Other partitioning tools exist, but it really needs to be one (like GParted) that boots directly from a USB or CD, not one that runs from within Windows itself.

  • sam
    Lv 6
    3 years ago

    remove the sata cable from your h/d drive, so theirs only one drive the computer can boot up in

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