What planet in our solar system is the most expensive?

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    After that probably Mars.considering how many failed Mars missions there have been over the years.

    You DID say "IN our Solar System." that does NOT include 55 Cancri.

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    3 years ago

    Because all economies are based on Earth among humans, you'd have to say Earth.

    But there is an asteroid Psyche 16 that is believed to be worth quadrillions in precious metals, but getting that to Earth is the problem.

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  • If an alien were to buy any of the planets in some sort of galactic supermarket Earth would be the most expensive because it is the only known planet to harbor such complex life besides the aliens home planet of course.

  • 3 years ago

    "expensive" ? what do you mean? Planets do not have a cost that can be compared.

    Expensive to visit?

    Expensive for robot landing?

    Expensive to build a hotel?


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