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My wife and two of my three kids died a week ago in a car crash. Is it okay that I find comfort in things and enjoyed parts of the week?

My surviving son is 10 and he is still sleeping. I can't sleep. I find comfort in things like all the people who came to the funeral and the media attention. I even issued a statement after the funerals Thursday. I am going out today with my son (aged 10) for the first time since the funerals.

I feel guilty finding any comfort at all as I am obviously devastated but parts of it I found comfort in. I think I am supposed to but feel kind of guilty. I am trying to stay positive for my son who already had anxiety issues and now all the more. Luckily he is a super easy kid despite learning disabilities and anxiety. So is this okay or am I morbid? I feel guilty not only being in sorrow and I feel guilty going out this weekend but I am for my son. He goes back to school next Wednesday and I can be more emotional then.

So is this okay or am I doing something wrong is my question. Sorry to be going on and on I am talking into a phone recording. My son is awake got to go,

hey buddy, hey, how is

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    It is ok, your wife wouldn't want you to be sad and unable to live. You need to grieve in your own way, and continue to find joy in the world, and show your son joy, and that things do get better. Find joy in memory of them, and for them.

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  • audrey
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    2 years ago

    You get through grief any way that works for you and your son. God bless you.

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  • 2 years ago

    You SHOULD find there is nothing wrong with it. You are not morbid in the slightest.

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