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Those bad guys that always want to 'destroy the world' (for no adequately explored reason), what would they do afterwards, if they succeeded?

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    Good question! That's what's commonly known as a plot hole! Although they're less dangerous than black holes, and nowhere near as cool either... :-P

    Right now, the way that I imagine it, maybe it's just not about this world at all? Maybe they were sent here, from a different realm, with the task of destroying this planet? So that, when they've succeeded, they'll get to go home, and they'll get their reward? Maybe it's just another day at work for them... And they're working for much more powerful, insidious forces, with an ultimate agenda that goes FAR beyond our knowledge... That we can't even see, because we're limited to only three dimensions at this point... (Or four, if you count time.)

    Profession: world destroyer. :-P

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