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Obama Legacy: IRS paid private debt collectors $20Mill to recoup $6.7Mil from low income americans...what? Your weren't told that?

LOL...wow..no matter why the media was so obsessed about talking about the Kardashians, it was a distracting story to allow corporate shill Obama to fleece the poor and he was a man of the people..lol.. SOURCE: LUKE BARNES @ THINK PROGRESS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) spent millions of dollars over the past financial year to contract private debt collectors that targeted some of Americas poorest citizens for unpaid taxes and only recovered a small fraction of the funds they were supposed to return to the agency, a new report released on Wednesday found.

The report, by the independent Taxpayer Advocate Service, found that the debt collectors had cost the IRS $20 million but had only brought in $6.7 million — less than one percent of the total amount targeted for collection. In some cases, the private agencies received commissions for work they hadn’t actually carried out.

But perhaps more damning was the Americans that the debt collection firms targeted. Congress directed the beleaguered IRS to use private contractors in 2015 in an attempt to make some headway into the $450 billion of unpaid taxesowed to the federal government. The contractors, however, were expected to adhere to the IRS rule that is supposed to ensure that taxpayers “have adequate means to provide for basic expenses.” But as USA Today reports, of the 4,141 taxpayers assigned to the private contractors, 19 percent had a medium income below the federal poverty level and an additional 2

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    2 years ago
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    Wow, I didn't even know they contracted collections out like that . . . I smell kickbacks! Would love to know who authorized that!

  • Jeff S
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    2 years ago

    Usual right wing misdirection!

    Here's what you ignored from your own article;

    Congress directed the IRS to use private contractors in 2015

    Guess who controlled Congress in 2015?


  • 2 years ago

    Bank of America paid millions to balance accounts with less than 10 cents in discrepancy.......what's your point? I mean fuvck the IRS and fvck the federal reserve but why are you mentioning Obama?

  • Tbone
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    2 years ago

    Even when Nixon left the office in disgrace, people did not continue the attacks on him. Why can't people like, you, who I presume are like real smart, just let it go, rather than trying to dig up dirt.?

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    It must be true because Luke Barnes @ think progress told you. Anyways, it's horseshit. Debt collectors receive a percentage of the debt that is repaid.

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