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Why is Portland is the most important city in Oregon?

Im writing a short essay for my English class. Its about state of Oregon and i want to know why is Portland the top city in Oregon. Can someone explain it to me please. Thanks in advance.

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    It's a port city in the most populated area of the state. Most tech industry-related stuff for the state is there. Highest population among Oregon cities, therefore the most voters. A lot of public and private colleges are there. It rambles out into numerous BIG suburbs. Probably the best place to go for most culture and the arts venues and events, museums, concerts, sports. Professional NBA team (The Trailblazers). A beautiful city. The largest airport in the state, which used to be an international airport, though I'm not sure if it is now. Also close to ski area of Mt Hood. Large hospitals with the most expertise, specialist emergency care, cancer clinics, rare specialists etc. Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) is there and one of the top med schools west of the Rockies.

    It is not the capital but a lot of business is done there, and there are a lot of innovative start-ups, small businesses, creative stores and cutting-edge restaurants, services, etc.

    Has its own opera company and symphony.

    Portland is not on the ocean but its major river (The Willamette River) connects with the Columbia River Gorge, which does connect directly to the Pacific Ocean. The Columbia River is an enormous river and the Willamette River is a good shipping channel. Portland is covered with bridges crossing the Willamette, and the city, its suburbs and other main cities like Salem, Eugene and Corvallis are all part of The Willamette Valley. They are very close together via the interstate (anywhere from 45 min to 1 hr 15 minutes apart).

    The Columbia River Basin is roughly the size of France. The Columbia River itself is the 4th largest river in the United States, is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest, and is over 1200 miles long. Portland is a the biggest port city on it and it travels on between the states of Washington and Oregon all the way to Idaho, where the Snake River tributary starts.

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    Because it is the biggest one. It became the biggest as it is a safe deep water port.

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    It's the biggest, It has one of the most popular NBA teams, the Trail Blazers and formerly their WNBA team, the Fire.

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    Why do you think it is? I don't.

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    It's the biggest. It's on a major waterway. It's on a major interstate.

    That being said, it isn't the most important city to many people. It's not even the capital.

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