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Is star wars marxist?

Jedi care about others, working class, dark side only care about themselves, ruling class. Same with rebellion vs empire

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    Sure. And notice how the ineptitude of the Jedi Order led to galactic ruin.

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    2 years ago

    Jedi always talked about balance of the force, and the prophecy that would come of it. Yet unkown to them, they were the unblance. Light had over powered the dark. There were hundreds if not thousands of jedi and only 2 sith. And balance would be made, but not in the way they though it was.

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    2 years ago

    Yes, Groucho Marx was the original Darth Vader.

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    If you did not notice, the dark side was using the government to attain power under the guise of the greater good.

    In fact, their political views were quite accurate. Hitler did not rise to power saying disgustingly evil things. He rose to power using a socialist platform and vowing to use government power to help the working class against the rich. He started with attacking the banker which were actually primarily Jewish.

    The rich Jewish people had become bankers because they were not allowed to own land. The rich people of other ethnicities were allowed to own land so their wealth was distributed in land.

    Because most of the bank owners were Jewish and banks were reviled, it was easier for Hitler to pretend that all Jews were in league together, when the truth is that the VAST majority of jewish people were regular middle-class people who did not own banks.

    Be careful when the government says it needs to be given more power in order to fight for you. Politicians are generally not the most moral people in the world.... Duhhhhh.

    Hitler then told the majority (aryans) that they were superior and being kept down by evil people. Everyone loves to hears how great they are and to have a common evil enemy.

    Be careful when politicians tell you how evil a group of people are. When they tell you black people are evil or rednecks or evil or whatever group are evil. Groups of people are not evil. As with all of humanity, there are evil people and good people, but most of us struggle finding a balance between taking care of ourselves and being cognizant of others.

    This is truly a struggle. If you try to be all about others, you get stepped upon. If you try to be all about yourself, you become detached and can self-justify immoral behavior.

    • But is star wars marxist propaganda because jedi are the working class who are selfless and same with rebels while the dark side and empire are only for power.

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  • its fantasy fiction

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