If I needed to exchange colleges, do I need to start an application from scratch for the new college, or I can just get a continues transfer?

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    3 years ago
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    Depend on exactly WHY you are changing colleges. Are the colleges part of the SAME university system.. that includes colleges that may be on different CAMPUSES of the SAME university. or are you trying to transfer credit hours for courses taken at one college to different college, either a stand alone college OR a college of a DIFFERENT university. THEN you apply for admission as transfer student.

    Different universities have different polices about how transferring to different college of the same university works.. Usually there isn't much of a problem, but some of your credit hours MIGHT not transfer as credit toward a DIFFERENT degree program.

    You REALLY need to talk to ONE OR MORE academic advisers at BOTH colleges. I can't read your mind. is VERY unclear if you are talking about stand alone colleges, colleges of the SAME university OR colleges of DIFFERENT universities. IF you want to transfer credit hours for courses you have already taken, you apply for admission as transfer student, NOT an incoming freshman. If these are two colleges of THE SAME university, you might NOT have to apply for admission at all. You need to tak to the admissions people AND the academic advisers of the college you want to transfer TO as well as your academic adviser at your current college..

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