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Looking for options on home internet & cable TV without a contract with these high priced providers. Any advice?

Currently have Spectrum's Triple Bundle (Internet, TV, & phone). What a waste of money, I want to be able to have access to the same networks j have now. ESPN, NBA TV, REDZONE, SCI, HIST, TFC, etc. And still have access to the internet with a decent speed that supports gaming & streaming. What are my options?

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    Many places have a TV+Internet bundle so you might be able to save a little money that way. However you're still going to be stuck with a contract.

    One other trick you can use is to look at other providers in your area, like ATT, or Verizon, and sign up for their new-customer bundle. You'll still need to sign a contract and your initial price may only last for the first 6-12 months of the 2 year contract so read carefully..

    If your contract is up with Spectrum you can call them and try negotiating a new price. Even though you aren't a "new" customer you can still ask for that package and in most instances, the operator will 'make an exception for you.' Just realize that you will be entering into a new contract.

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