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Choosing a Baseball Team?

So I am wanting to get back into baseball this upcoming season, but don t know which team to root for. I never really had a favorite team growing up, I had favorite players on different teams, but now I want a team that I can root for. I live in Texas but for some reason can t root for the Rangers. Any advice?


I've never rooted for any home team, for more information

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    I know what you mean. I lived in Houston for 12 years and I could not bring myself to pull for any of the local teams. I enjoyed watching the Astros, Oilers, and Rockets lose.

    The funny thing is I was happy to see the Astros win it all last year, mainly because I really hate the Dodgers.

    Since you live in Texas you could pull for the Astros, but then people would accuse you of being a bandwagon fan. If you're a Texas transplant from somewhere else you could pull for the team that plays where you relocated from. If not, check the teams out in spring training and pick one to get behind.

    For the record, I'm a Chicagoland native so I've always pulled for the Cubs, no matter where I've lived.

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    My advice is "random people on Yahoo told me to" is a terrible reason to root for a team.

    Are you planning on watching "your" team a lot? Then pick a team you can watch a lot.

    You just like players? Then pick a team where you have favorite players. This isn't difficult.

    Or just watch in April, and maybe you'll find a reason to like one team and it'll become obvious.

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    One would normally choose a team that is close enough so that you could reasonably go to some games. Depending on where you are in Texas, that could be the Astros, Rangers, or going further afield, the Diamondbacks or the Cardinals.

    However, if you like an organization or its players, you could choose a team wherever it is.

    Just as an example, I live in Seattle, so it’s natural that the Mariners are my team. However, before the Seattle teams existed, I was a Red Sox fan because of guys like Yaz and Pudge. Heck, there are Red Sox and Yankees fans all over.

    There’s generally no right or wrong about this.

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