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I can’t take my weight anymore. How to commit to eating less junk food?

I’m a stone and a half more than the average weight for my age

My parents are censorned for my health and I’m sick of looking like a blob


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    You are out of control with your weight and can't cut junk food out because you eat too much sugar and not the foods you need to control your appetite.

    You should cut out all sugar out of your life completely. It is toxic and you do not need it as it will always make you hungrier and addicted to the foods that contain it, there is no such thing as having them in moderation because addicts like you will go out of control. You need to cut them out cold turkey and never look back. If you must eat something sweet, use stevia, erythritol, chicory root, luo han guo or tagatose, or splenda to sweeten. You can use them in drinks like tea or coffee or bake with them. There are plenty of recipes online for low carb desserts and treats.

    Cut out all grains which have no real nutritional value and also convert to sugar in your body, get stored as fat and provoke cravings. Reduce starchy veggies. Enjoy fruits but don't go overboard. The only exception for lots of fruit are avocado, tomato, coconut products that are sugar free and olives. These are lowest in sugar and fine to enjoy along with berries in moderation which have less sugar. Eat lots greens and non-starchy veggies with the others consumed as mentioned before. Have nuts and seeds in moderation.

    Go on a mostly primal diet. It will keep your sugar cravings under control. You will eat delicious satisfying meals everyday from nutrient dense foods as you are meant to. No more sugar cravings or calorie counting. Read about it on marks daily apples free article how to succeed with the primal blueprint. His entire site is a great resource for weight loss and maintenance as well as achieving optimal health.

    This lifestyle in maintainable if you are willing to do it. Also make sure to consume enough fat. This will keep you full, help you burn fat, kill sugar cravings, it is great for your skin, hair and digestion. It helps you absorb vital nutrients and is filled with them itself if you're consuming a healthy fat. Trade sugar and empty carbs in for fat and those alternative sweeteners I mentioned when you really must have dessert.

    You don't need to go crazy with exercising either. Just start walking everyday at a steady pace. Do it until you can comfortably walk up to 5 miles a day. This is good for you emotionally and the only cardio you really need. Download a walking app to keep track of mileage and progress. Take a friend if you are bored or take a dog if you have it to walk it'll be happy. Besides walking, begin working on building lean muscle which will have you burning more fat and help you achieve a nice body, also keep your mind off of food. Bodyweight training, pilates, and barre are good ideas to look into and can be done from your own living room or bedroom with minimal equipment and many free youtube fitness channels and their videos to guide you.

    Try to also start getting enough sleep and getting enough sunlight daily. This also will help you balance your hormones and be less dependent on junk food and binging.

    Find hobbies besides now walking up to five miles a day and beginning to work on toning 3-4 times a week. Hobbies help with mood issues, lead to emotional health, and keep your mind off of junk food.

    Good luck.

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    Try taking thripala capsules at night after eating. If possible stop eating at night. It will reduce weight very fast

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    Disgust it the first step. eat right. Exercise. If your parents are concerned...then let them keep junk out of the house. That will help. Good luck.

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  • 2 years ago

    Don’t allow junk food in your home

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