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i’m 15, my dog is ill, and i’m the only one taking care of her. help? advice?

my dog (cha cha is her name) has alopecia, kidney stones, and threatening allergies. it requires hourly care and lots of patience. i it gets in the way of hw, studying, my social life, and sleeping. her surgery is $1500, her meds are $200 per month, and my family just can’t afford it. my family doesn’t even bring her to the vet to get groomed or checked out regularly, i have to do it. my emotional stability (anger) has gotten a bit shakey since i’ve had to take care of her. i have an older brother who likes to say that it’s not that bad even though she pees blood and mucous, barely has any hair (which makes her a bit stinky and her skin has turned black), and pees every 20 minutes. my parents just say “it’s her age” and “she’ll die soon anyways” and refuse any type of way to get money such as fundraising. it’s frustrating. like i said, i’m only 15 and i cant get a job. i’m embarrassed of this whole situation, none of my friends know, and the only family i know is my parents and my brother. i made a gofundme but didn’t have the courage to share it because i’m so embarrassed. and i know i shouldn’t be. i should stand up for my dog and do what’s right but i just can’t. can someone please give me some advice? it’s honestly breaking my heart everyday.


honestly thanks to everyone who commented the same thing as the last person. you didn't give advice, you didn't help, you didn't give possible options. this whole dog situation is already very stressful on my family and i, and i'd like to apologize for making my parents/older brother seem like complete *****. they DO care but at the end of the day, i care for cha cha more. why? because i'm a ******* child who loves animals and they're adults with their own setbacks to worry about.

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    Visit your local Humane Society and tell them your story. See if they have any suggestions for you. It's impressive that you care about your dog so much that you're trying to hard to help her, and she deserves it. She deserves better than your parents and it's lucky she has you. Good luck!

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    NOT your dog. You can't own the dog and you can't afford its vet care and you can't do anything

    A vet won't do anything since you and don't own the dog. AC won't take the dog since you don't own it and you PARENTS, who own it, are the ones who will have to take it to a vet or take it to AC to be put down.

    "her surgery is $1500"

    Get a job then and pay for it. Your parents either can't afford it or don't want to waste that kind of money on a dog. Tough/.

    "her meds are $200 per month, and my family just can’t afford it"

    Tough. Gt a job and pay for it or stop whining.

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    Sorry, only a vet can help your family dog, parents responsibility, as minors can't own property, dogs are property, so only an adult can authorize treatment, as well as guarantee payment, minors can't sign any legal documents or guarantee any financial arrangements. Nor are there any vets on this site, The dog needs to be examined, obviously no vet can do that on line, either.

    People using Go Fund Me has scammed lots of people by their lies, and pocketed the money for their own selfish needs. Even legitimate fund raisers are a waste as only 1% of any money raised actually goes to the cause, the rest goes administrative costs.

    While I feel sorry that the family dog needs to suffer due the parents negligence, there is nothing any strangers/children on YA can do to help.

    Your "social life and sleeping" is more important than the family dog....? For sure you priorities are Really screwed up, obviously the apple didn't fall far from the parental tree, eh?

    Tell Your Parents to apply for Care Credit or something similar, otherwise they shouldn't have a family dog and should turn it into a shelter/rescue, where it will get the care it needs and possibly a family that Really Cares.

    Inform your parents that they're required by law to provide vet care as needed in a timely fashion or they maybe charged with committing a felony, punishable by fines/jail time a lot more than any vet care.

    Wishing the best for the dog, not so much for the rest of the family, have a nice day....

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    Your parents are responsible for this dog not you, and I believe they might well be breaking the law if they do not provide veterinary care for her.

    If she's that poorly and obviously in pain if she has kidney stones, then the least your parents should do is to put her out of her misery.

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    Blah blah blah blah BLAH! Your parents don't care about this dog and neglect her so tell them to give her up to a no-kill shelter. You are a CHILD so this is THEIR dog not your dog. It's THEIR responsibility to care for it and they're failing to do so. You're also not supposed to be on without your parents' approval.

    Just give this poor dog up before it ends up DEAD. Your parents are DISGUSTING human beings.

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    Your poor baby is going through a lot of pain. Naturally you feel for her and love her. In this case it might be better to have her put to sleep by a caring vet who will let you stay with her to the end. This is a hard lesson in life but it is one that God gives us to show His love for us. He is in charge of our lives and someday we'll face our own deaths. Hopefully it will be with God at our side. In giving us dogs we see a glimpse of God's love by sharing that love with our animals. Sadly it will be up to us to decide our pet's fate similar to God's plan for our lives. I know you'll be sad so don't be afraid to cry. After a time I hope you'll find the courage to adopt another dog who will love you & needs a good home. You'll be surprised at the different personality he or she has. Don't think of it as replacing your pet. I know you'll never forget her. With your compassion I'd say you could make a great vet someday. Good luck.

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