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Msi laptop issues?

I just got this msi laptop which arrived today. I got it for gaming and music, so my first instinct was to download a game from my steam library, (counterstrike). When i try to play, the game starts, then the screen goes black, then sends me to the desktop, then back to the game. I notice that this happens when I load something within the game... and this all happens within a matter of seconds. I tried restarting, and playing the game again, but this time it did the same thing, and showed a blue screen saying Windows ran into an error. no issues until i open the game. Is this an issue that requires me to send this laptop back due to it being faulty? or maybe i need to update my graphics card? i appreciate the help.

msi gl62m 7rdx

graphics card: nvidia gtx 1050 2 gigs ram

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  • 2 years ago
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    Update update update. Update everything, all drivers, windows, etc... Any PC you get the first thing you need to do is update.

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