Which vape to choose? Smok g150 or innokin cool fire ultra?

I came to decide between 2 vapes. The smok g150 kit with the TFV8 big baby tank and an innokin cool fire ultra with the scion tank, which one is better quality wise and which one is better for the price, both for $58 on a trusted site?

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    3 years ago
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    SMOK G150.

    While innokin makes great mods their tanks are horrible. My Vape store no longer carries Innokin tanks after the scion tank because of how much it leaked and how many returns we received from customers. The Demo tank i got

    SMOK G150 isn't a popular mod BUT the Big baby beast tank is a solid tank, many people use them and there are always replacement coils at most any vape shop

    SMOK G150 is what I would recommend out of those two.

    My GF uses the MVP Pro 100watt which came with the Scion tank and it leaks so much that after 1 week she switch to the SMOK X-baby tank and hasn't looked back since she loves the SMOK X-baby tank

    Source(s): I work in a vape shop
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