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What kind of chopsticks are these?

I'm ordering from Amazon, but the information doesn't say whether they are Korean, Chinese, or Japanese chopsticks

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    You need to read the description more carefully:

    "This reusable chopsticks set includes 5 pairs metal spiral chopsticks and 5 pairs bamboo chopsticks

    Stainless Steel Chopsticks: featuring high-grade brushed and polished stainless steel finishes; food grade stainless steel; sturdy and durable; thread design on upper part; easy to hold; Lightweight

    Bamboo Chopsticks: Easy to hold and lightweight to hold; has grips at the end for grabbing food easier; easy to hold; Lightweight; No rust; healthy chopsticks, no BPA, PVC, or phthalates

    ****Japanese Style****: Very handy when you have sushi, noodles or any type of Asian cuisine. For beginners they are easy to grip

    Hand washing recommended"

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      Ohhh I didn't see it there! That part wasn't written in the description box

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  • 6 months ago

    7 types of chopsticks you need to know

    If you are currently looking for a nice pair or set of chopsticks you can use at home or give as a

    gift, but have no clue whatsoever about finding the best chopsticks, you have come to the right

    place. Read on to find out all you need to know about finding the best chopsticks online. You would

    be surprised as to how many are available in the market today and how several different varieties of

    chopsticks there are out there

    Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have made a sound decision regarding which

    chopsticks you should get.

    Chopsticks are an indispensable part of the Chinese cuisine and are one of the most prominent of the

    eating utensils in virtually all of East Asia. Designing Chopsticks is an art, specifically in

    countries like Japan and China. Both of these countries have a long history and culture associated

    with Chopsticks. Here you will find shops that sell only chopsticks in various designs, patterns and

    materials. You will be glad to see different types of chopsticks and various tips on them, like, how

    to take care of your chopstick, which material is best, which material is most hygienic, etc.

    Don’t know how to use chopsticks? Learn how to use chopsticks here.

    Let us have a look at the various types of chopsticks available in the market:

    1. Reusable Chopsticks:

    The Reusable Chopsticks are perhaps the result of environmental awareness.

    These chopsticks are mainly made up from bamboo or wooden deep processing.

    And some of them made from silver, aluminum and porcelain.

    It’s easily to maintain and lasts long.

    However their initial price is quite high,

    But since they last long so eventually their costs come down in the long run.

    So, they are good for household.

    2. Bamboo Chopsticks:

    Bamboo is are the most affordable and appropriate materials for Chopsticks.

    These are very eco-friendly chopsticks and are free from any toxicity or pesticides, etc.

    Bamboo chopsticks are ecologically green alternative to wood, strong, dense and versatile.

    However, they can warp and deteriorate with continued use.

    Usually bamboo chopsticks is disposables.

    It’s popular in Asian restaurants or takeaway foods.

    3. Wooden Chopsticks:

    Wooden Chopsticks are made up of wood and are low in temperature conduction.

    They provide good grip for holding food and can also be used like a wooden spoon to stir liquids or


    But proper caution need to be exercised while buying wooden chopsticks

    as you need to ensure that the wooden chopsticks you are buying have its original color

    And not painted with artificial colors.

    4. Plastic Chopsticks:

    Plastic Chopsticks too are relatively economical and low in temperature conduction.

    Due to their material composition, they don’t provide that effective grip.

    As compared to bamboo or wooden chopsticks as the food tends to slip with these.

    Also, you cannot use plastic chopsticks for cooking since they can be damaged under high


    And may produce toxic compounds harmful to the body.

    Thus, it is not recommended to use plastic chopsticks especially those that will easily melt or

    change shape when exposed to high temperature.

    6.Stainless steel or silver chopsticks

    Stainless steel or silver chopsticks are popular in Korea. These metal utensils are often much

    flatter in shape than other types. Since steel is so strong, ones made of this material work well

    with the heat of Korean barbecue cuisine.

    7. Colorful Chopsticks:

    The market must be flooded with beautifully colored.

    Eye catching designer chopsticks in impressive design pattern and shapes.

    But in reality, they are only good to be a feast for eyes.

    The reason is, very harmful products are used to make them look beautiful and eye-catching.

    These harmful products can be the poisonous and toxic elements like lead and benzene.

    Thus these chopsticks are not recommended.

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