If I breed two shiny pokemon, would the chance of its offspring being a shiny increase?

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  • Drake
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    2 years ago
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    Nope. There is a way to increase the odds though! The Masuda method (I believe that's the name) involves breeding 2 Pokémon from 2 different regions, and this increases the chances by x4, x5, or x6 depending on the generation you're playing on.

    When I say region, I don't mean one Pidgey from Kanto region and one Pidgey from Johto region, I mean one Pidgey from a USA-sold game and one Pidgey traded from a Japan-sold game. Wonder Trade and Global Trade Center are very helpful for getting these.

    This is also why the most optimal breeding Pokémon for shiny hunters and competitive "battle ready" Pokémon trainers is a Ditto with 6 perfect IVs from a different region than your game's native region.

  • luther
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    2 years ago

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  • Cantra
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    2 years ago

    No. The formula that determines whether a hatched pokemon is shiny, does not look at the parent's 'shinyness' at all. Two shiny parents have the exact same chance of a shiny offspring as two non-shiny parents.

  • Anonymous
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