Does Yale's liberal arts prestige make up for its 3rd tier engineering programs?

I know that Yale is struggling in the engineering rankings, the only exception being Environmental Engineering which is ranked #10. I am interested in their Biomedical Engineering program, which is ranked #134 below schools like New Jersey Institute of Technology, Oregon State University among others.

What I don't understand about the rankings is that you have schools like University of Michigan, Ann Arbor that is in the top 15 for Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc yet its ranking is so far away from Yale. At the same time, Yale's programs like Mechanical Engineering (#114), Biomedical Engineering (#134), Electrical Engineering (#169) is so far away from peer institutions. Engineering at Yale is known to be mediocre and less respected than state universities, but its nationally ranked #3 in this country. So I was wondering if I went there would people not care how low ranked their engineering programs are?


This is University of Michigan Ann Arbour's reputation: #2 in Aerospace Eng, #9 Biomedical Eng, #6 in Civil, #7 in Electrical Engineering, #4 in Mechanical Engineering. Their overall ranking though is lower than Yale's

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  • Burgoo
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    2 years ago
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    Don't go there for engineering

  • 2 years ago

    Engineering people are well aware of rankings, and are not impressed with an Ivy League degree in the school's weakest area. Yale is fabulous for a lot of things, but you will never impress engineers with a Yale degree. They don't care about your Bloody-Minded Ego. They care that you did top-rated work at a highly ranked engineering school.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Yale is ranked #113 in engineering according to this site:

    Currently none of Yale's engineering programs are on the 2nd tier level. They have no real reputation in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical or chemical. The QS World Rankings places Yale's Chemical Engineering program at #659 below foreign schools like University of Democratic Republic of Congo #654, Zhengzou University #655, Guatemala University #656, Honduras Institute of Science and Technology #657 and University of Zimbabwe #658.

    Yale's Chemical Engineering program actually ranks below many third world countries' engineering programs.

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