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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareLaptops & Notebooks · 2 years ago

If get a very infrequent blue screen saying that windows has shut down to avoid a crash....what are the most common reasons ?

I know there is an error code...but I have not written it down...but it has only happened twice in past 3 months. once in mid Nov. and once the other day in beginning of January.

does this sound like a failing hardware issue or a software issue? can explain?


one thing I noticed, is that (don't know if it is just due to my paranoia now due to the blue screen)...I seem to hear the fans running quite a bit. not sure what would cause that. maybe is connected?

Update 2:

One other thing,,,,this has happened twice in past 6 months since August when I replaced my hard drive with a bigger hard drive. but someone told me that if it was the hard drive going bad that it would say so and would not be so infrequent? does that sound correct?

also, is it possible that when I was installing all the numerous windows updates for Windows 7 again after installation that some didn't get updated or register correctly causing the issue?

Update 3:

I know how to get to the event viewer...but how do I find what the code was?? and how to find out what the code means after?

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  • Fulano
    Lv 7
    2 years ago
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    Google it, you'll find lots of articles on the subject.

    Usually a driver issue, or some corrupt system files, or just incompatibilities, sometimes hardware issues, lack of power from the power supply... and many more.

    That's where the code is handy. You can look up what the error code was in the Event Viewer, again, you'll want to Google how to do that. From there you can find articles that explain how to fix the issue.

    Yes, a bad hard drive and corrupted updates can cause it too.

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    • Fulano
      Lv 7
      2 years agoReport

      I'm not sure, I have to Google it each time I have to look a code up because I never remember.

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