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Will my dad's inheritance go to his second wife or his biological children?

My dad is already dead to me, he has a lot of money but he hasn't once contributed to me or my siblings. My mom and him got a divorce and he remarried, and has no step-children. Will the money go to his wife if he were to die, or us? Or would it be evenly distributed?

I believe he owes us this money because he stole money that was to help my mom raise us, this is also one of the reasons they got a divorce. He never once fulfilled his responsibility to his own children.


I live in Canada btw.

Update 2:

He didn't even pay child support. He hid his income for many years.... when all of our relatives know he owns 3 houses.... So.....

Update 3:

I'm not asking about his wishes. I'm asking if he were to die without will.

Update 4:


This bastard thinks he's never going to die, that's how I know he won't have a will.

And my mom is suing him, it's an ongoing process. Court battles take years and lots of money.

I already found my answer online, but I can't delete this question. All of your answers are wrong and from your own dumbfounded logic lmao. chart states the spouse will get 1/3 and the children will get 2/3.

Update 5:

It was a simple question. Jesus.

Update 6:

Oh really mom is a gold digger? Is that why he stole my mom's money? Lmao you have no clue what you are saying. He didn't leave because of my mom, my mom wanted the divorce he actually wanted to stay and keep taking her money. So stfu.

Update 7:

He left because of his own selfish reasons, just like a lot of dads do in this generation. He didn't want to take on the responsibility of having children, but still wanted to have sex? And just so you know, all that money he has is fraud money. So technically it's other people's money, who knows it could even be yours.

And btw I know he has no money under the name of his wife, because look how good he treated my mom? Or his own children?

Update 8:

Very few people have a will? Um... no more than half the ppl in USA don't have wills which is probably where you are from.

If he had a will I would have heard about it by now since all he likes to do is boast and all my relatives like to do is talk. He called up my mom bec my mom wanted a dad in her children's lives and told her he has a house back home with 24 rooms? Yeah 24 rooms, but your kids were living dirt poor? And you couldn't make a single child-support payment for 10+ years?

Update 9:

Don't comment if you don't care then.

Update 10:

That chart that is on wikipedia is also found on the Official Government of Canada site. That's how I know it is legit. But thank you for input, which I already know.

Update 11:

I don't care. I hate my dad. And if you had a dad like him you would hate him too. I did it all without him. And on top of that he owes my mom money for paying none of his child support money. So who is the greedy ****? A dad who steals money from his own children or my mom who stuck by me and gave me everything?

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    In most western countries any person who makes a will can leave the money to whomever he/she choses. That can be money they have inherited or made themselves.

    If no will is made, then the state directs how the money should be distributed, and that varies from nation to nation. Get formal legal advice face-to-face from a qualified law person where you are.

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    your dad should have a will that defines who gets what when he passes away otherwise his estate will probably go to his surviving spouse

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    money will be divided 50-50 between his wife and his children. nothing will go to your mother. 50 will get the wife and 50 will be divided among all the children UNLESS he gives her things while he lives. then u will get nothing greedy pigs. houses will go to his wife. your link from wikipedia is ABERRANT, u wait and find out, u will be greatly disappointed. just for your information ANYONE can write on wikipedia, the information there is as equal as here - nobody has no idea about anything and just writes. and i believe your dad will leave a will and u will get nothing because u re such an unpleasant and rude fck. his wife was providing him love and care and u were hating him. why on earth should u get anything?

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    It'll go to whoever is named in his will. Sounds like that will not be you, and for good reason.

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    Shut up, no one cares.

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    Sorry to break it to you, but if his 2nd wife is on the deeds of his houses and he holds his money in joint accounts with her then there is no money to probate when he dies even without a will. He could have made her the beneficiary of every bank account. And very few parents don't have wills. If you have a poor relationship with your dad, he most certainly has one to ensure that you are cut out of his will. Your mom actually made him so miserable that in order to avoid her, it caused him to avoid his children as well. A good mother doesn't try to turn her kids against their father regardless of how much money he did or didn't give. Peoples' finances change. Most of the money that he has now could have come from his 2nd wife or from investments or work after his divorce from your mom. He may well have paid what the courts told him he had to pay. If you don't have a relationship with your dad - blame your mom. She's the one that turned you against him. You're blaming him for your mom probably being a frigid, gold-digging c*nt that made him want to avoid her like the plague.

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    It depends on who is in his will.

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    Your dad's money will be distributed, according to your dad's wishes, as written in his will. What YOU believe he owes you has no legal standing, at all. If your mom is owed back child support, she could sue the "estate" to recover any money owed. Other than that, the money will go wherever your dad wants the money to go.

    In other words, if you want to know where your dad's money is going, you should ask your dad. But he would be under no obligation to give you an answer...or to give you and HONEST answer, either....

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    It depends upon his will. If he wants to he can leave it to some random person or a charity. If he doesn't have a will, the government decides what happens with the estate. There's no automatic distribution that fits all cases.

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    3 years ago

    It will go wherever he wishes. There is nothing that you can do about it. He must have had to pay child support so he must have helped somehow. In the end it's his choice.

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