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After Trump's impeachment and/or resignation who will serve as POTUS?

After Trump is impeached the line of succession falls to Pence, but he can't serve as POTUS since he's implicated in Trump's treason.

After Pence would be Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, but Ryan can't do it for the same reason.

Next in line would be Orrin Hatch, but he just announced his retirement.

After Hatch would be Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, but it looks like Tillerson will be fired this month.

This means the presidency would fall to the Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin. Is this who you'd like to lead America?

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    Someone who hasn't been appointed yet. I can promise you that the republican party won't let go of the white house.

    Richard Nixon was president, Spiro Agno (spelling) was his vice president. Then came watergate. The vice president was forced to resign. Nixon appointed a new vice president, Gerald Ford. When Nixon resigned Ford became president.

    When Trump leaves office, Pence will appoint someone as vice president.

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    We don't know either Pence or ryan is involved. I don't see impeachment happening until 2019, which means Ryan would be out of the picture anyway, and someone new would take over. If Pence was also indicted then whomever took Ryan's place would be next in line, then the next person who took Hatch's place.

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    Mr Trump has not committed any treasonable crimes. Why do you think he is vulnerable to impeachment? He is not going anywhere in spite of efforts by Democrats to destroy the U.S. and the presidency.

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    Not going to happen

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    unfortunately the religious nut pense

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    3 years ago

    Crazy Bernie

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