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Is my laptop in trouble?

Earlier, I got a voice message from my computer saying someone was using my IP to access info, and I immediately ended the site right as it said not to do that (Oops?)

I managed to shut down the computer but turned it back on

Everything’s fine but I’m worried if it’s a scam or not.

I only downloaded Manga Studios. And this addfly popped up. I pressed to download, but then immediately canceled it as soon as it asked for the device to run on my computer

Should I be worried and call someone? If so then who?

Or is this just a scam ?

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    It's just another one of these scareware scams where they try to fool you into believing that you're infected with some sort of malware or that someone hacked you.

    Usually, after that, they recommend their own security program. It could be a legitimate Antivirus which you'll have to pay for, or another piece of malware. In either case, it's a win-win situation for them.

  • 2 years ago

    Sounds like a scam to me. you should get some form a anti virus software to check if you got wormed or rootkit

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    2 years ago

    Most likely a scam, but get like an anti-virus software to make sure u r not infected.

    Better safe than sorry

  • 2 years ago

    It's a scam, just delete it.

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