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why only you americans want war against iran?

iran is fighting isis, iran fightetd terrorism, iran is a great country, I roget israel and oil


òmysgame: no, is tyour invention, iran doesn't want detah to usa

Update 2:

@iran is backed by china, I don't want for fault of usa the 3 world war, and is right you americans smell

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    Luigi Mohamed, have you ever tried a roasted pig? It is so yummy. Hmmm....

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    The only country that doesn't want to see the Iranian regime toppled is North Korea. Iran is the reason North Korea has nuclear weapons. The only reason Iran still doesn't have nuclear weapons is because the US has stalled their progress. Iran has admitted on literally dozens of occasions on live broadcasts that when they gain possession of nuclear weapons they will destroy Israel. Israel is America's greatest ally in the Middle East and the only free democracy. Iran is the brainchild and financier of Hezbollah the largest terrorist organization in the world. Their supply of rockets exceeds 150,000. They are literally a fully functioning terrorist military. Oh, and did I already mention they are funded by Iran?

    Iran is an unstable, unmerciful regime that is simply biding their time until they are powerful enough to kill anyone who stands in the way of getting what they want.

    That I was when it comes to Iran I have to say I'm not a big fan.

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    Hey dumba**, pick up a newspaper. Even Iraqi citizens are tired of the moronic religious zealots leading that country.

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    I dunno but America is wrong if it thinks it can fight lots of countries and police the world because its impossible to make everyone allies or do more fight at a time

    • petepi32 years agoReport

      *More than fight one or 2 enemies at a time.*

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  • 2 years ago

    For the last freaking time...WE DO NOT WANT A WAR WITH IRAN.

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    2 years ago

    Mommy call you. Stop all folishnes and come hom

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    If we wanted war against Iran it would already be happening. If Iran is so great why are so many people rioting in the streets demanding changes?

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    y u no anglis

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    I think Iran and Saudi Arabia should have a war. Throw Turkey and Pakistan in too.

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    Iran is an Islamic theocracy that chants death to America and wants nuclear weapons. Iran sees us as the great Satan and wants us dead.

    Good enough reasons?

    • .
      Good enough,

      let's waste the islamo-fascist ayatollahs & their Useful Idiot believers


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