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How can I use my Macbook without having to use my trackpad?

So, funny story - my trackpad had some complication and for some reason I cannot press it to click anymore. That was fine since I could still use the function of tapping once to click on things on my screen. However, I wanted to set up the thing where if you tap with two fingers you can use that as a click as well, like to drag a file when you cannot press the trackpad to do it. I ended up accidentally turning off “single-tap click” on my trackpad settings and was obviously unable to turn it back on.

Now i can’t click anything at all. What can I do??? Is there any way to utilize my keyboard instead just to adjust the settings? Or will I have to get my trackpad fixed or get a mouse?

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  • opurt
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    2 years ago
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    Press Control-F2 (or maybe Control-Fn-F2) to highlight the Apple menu. Press the down arrow to show the menu and choose System Preferences.

    Press Control-F5 (or Ctrl-Fn-F5) to enable keyboard navigation in the current window. You'll see a blue outline, and you can use the Tab and arrow keys to move around. Highlight the Trackpad option and hit Space to select it. Repeat this to change the options you want.

    You might want to get it looked at anyways, as sometimes a defective trackpad really means that the battery under the trackpad is swelling and preventing it from being clicked, and a swelling battery is potentially dangerous.

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  • 2 years ago

    If your trackpad supports Force Touch, you can also Force click and get haptic feedback.

    Tap to click. Tap with one finger to click.

    Secondary click (right-click) Click or tap with two fingers.

    Smart zoom. ...

    Scroll. ...

    Zoom in or out. ...

    Rotate. ...

    Swipe between pages. ...

    Open Notification Center.

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