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Trump's policy for the USA appears to be as follows, (below). Is it by design, or through his complete ineptitude?

"The US will no longer lead on the global issues of the day.

We cede the position it took a century to acquire: that being the Only Superpower in the World.

It is the new position of the USA that countries like Russia, China, Germany, England, France and others can take the lead on the global issues of the day...

so THEY can, once again, become Superpowers in the world".


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    As a military veteran, I share your concerns.

    To 2nd rate Matt L.: THINK what you are suggesting! This is not a "liberal-only" issue (liberal-minded Democrats being only about 24% of the very huge and diverse Democratic or Independent political parties). AMERICA as a world leader nation is at risk here!

    President Obama was able to forge multi-nation coalitions during his wise tenure as our twice-elected nation-saving tenure as our leader, and this was a powerful step in weaning America off of the "world's policeman" status while not yielding our role as the most powerful nation in the world. There were 65 nations helping us "degrade and destroy ISIL" and pursue other radical extremist terrorist groups, excluding our own domestic terrorist Old Testament literalists and right-wing white nationalist GOP fanatics seeking to have themselves a THEOCRATIC COUP (Jane Mayer, 2017: "DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right"). These nations were persuaded by the diplomatically gifted President Obama to take over certain elements of their own defense and to even pay us for our help---but the vulgar, ineducable, dangerously unstable and brash buffoon lifts-wearing (5'10") conman bully-brat sociopath Trump has destroyed this cooperation without even understanding what damages he has done to us as a world-leader nation!

    For example: The carefully forged Paris Accord involved intricate interactions between the U.S. diplomats headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then John Kerry after President Obama laid the groundwork and used the power of his Office to convince 129 nations (U.S. included) to focus upon developing new industries to uniformly deal with global warming. President Obama first had to convince the 2nd largest polluter (China) to join us, but also had to balance this new cooperation between China's government and ours with China's ongoing efforts to dominate world trade that includes, but is not limited to (a) building artificial islands in the South China Sea to block trade routes the world now uses; and (b) currency manipulation that benefits China only and makes U.S. goods too expensive for many nations' consumers. President Obama had other nations (like Australia, New Zealand, and at least eight new Asian markets willing to invest in U.S.-made goods) included in the 129-nation Paris Accord as a way to CURB CHINESE AGGRESSION. Only two nations did not participate in this hard-won Paris Accord that would have opened EIGHT NEW MARKETS to our U.S. made manufactured good---and how that is THREE nations because ignorant Trump (who did not ever read the provisions of the Accord) abruptly pulled the U.S.out of the Accord that the U.S. had been the one to forge! CHINA stepped in immediately to SNAP UP those eight new markets! Is that what you want? How many decent-paying U.S. jobs have been LOST TO US because of this Trump pull out??

    The asker is correct in criticizing the incompetence and ignorance of Trump.

  • Trump is busy making Russia great.

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    See, the thing is, people hated Bush 2 and thought he'd never get re-elected. Then Cheney started a war...and we got Bush 2.1 plus the Patriot Act.

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    Let's say that is the goal. Is that bad? I mean, liberals love to screech that we are much too big for our britches. OK, cool. Let's sit back and let some other nations stomp about like the big bully we supposedly are.

    We can ease back and have the same effect on the international scene as, say, Canada or New Zealand.

    Sound good?

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    True but at least the purity of the American race won't be contaminated

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