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Is giving a child a concussion considered child abuse?

I was at my grandmas house today and she started yelling at me because she asked me to bring my little nephew a pair of underwear socks and clothes upstairs I brought everything up besides underwear and when I got up there I gave her the clothes and socks and simply said he doesn’t have any clean underwear, she then went crazy and started screaming I said I’m sorry he doesn’t have underwear but it’s not that big of a deal then she grabbed me and started screaming then she smacked me in the back of the head twice (giving me a concussion, I went to the doctor) then she hit me in the mouth and give me a fat lip. She then walked away and I called my dad to pick me up, my sister lives next door so I stayed with her until my dad picked me up. My dad doesn’t know what to do but I want to press charges on my grandma if this is against the law. So my question is, is what my grandma did considered child abuse or is she allowed to do this under the United States Law?

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    The definition of child abuse may change depending upon in what state you reside. However, it sounds like child abuse to me and would be such if it occurred in California, where I am located. However, if you are 18 years old, you are no longer a child and an incident like this would be considered a simple assault and battery between you and your grandmother.

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    Yes, it is considered child abuse. Hitting a kid too hard is considered physical abuse.

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    Yes. That is not ok and you can press charges if you want. At the very least you can report the incident to the police. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes repeated incidents to get her in real trouble.

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    Yes it is.

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