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Steadier State for Windows 7 - Will it wear off an SSD?

It says ''Steadier State freezes the computer as an image and creates a snapshot of the current activity as a virtual C:\. Restarting gives the option to roll back or keep the new snapshot.''

Does it mean it will write a size of the whole windows operating system to the SSD as an image wearing an SSD faster?

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    It will take a snapshot of your pc and do 1 of 2 things.

    1) restore to the old state every time you power down or restart your pc (so everything you did that day will essentially be erased)

    2) Make a new snapshot when powering off and use that one on next reboot (pc functions like normal essentially), im sure it still will keep some backups of older ones to roll back to.

    Keep in mind it will only affect the drives you set it to, and/or the drive windows or the software is installed on. So if you want to save your work, save it to a different drive, that way your operating system changes will roll back daily, but you can keep what you worked on that day. Using it that way is more the intended way of using the software, and what helps protect against malware.

    As for SSD wear, yes, because you are writing data to the drive, but most SSDs will last for 500+ TB of data writes (id say the average person is likely only going to write like 5-10TB/year or less, meaning youre looking at 50-100 years to reach the write limit at minimum). If you're using option number 1, its more so just re-reading the old snapshot you already had, so its not writing anything new.

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