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If want to be richer, should we give even more money to rich people?

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    That's no way to get rich. People who want to get rich nowadays move to Canada.

    That's where there's richness of all kinds.

    Literal richness:

    'Canada is rich in real wealth'

    'Report: Canadians getting wealthier younger'

    'Canada's middle class richest in world: report'

    'Canadians get rich at a faster pace than Americans'

    'Why Is Canada Rich While Other Countries Are So Poor?'

    'Rich Kids of Canada flaunt their fleets of super-cars, bling gold'

    'Life in Canada, Home of the World's Most Affluent Middle Class'

    'Canada is officially home to the richest middle class on the planet'

    'Canadian Millennials Twice As Wealthy As American Ones: Study'

    'Current generation of young Canadians wealthiest ever: federal study'

    'Canadian families are getting wealthier, Statistics Canada study says'

    'Canadian millennials buying houses at younger age than their parents'

    'Richest. Seniors. Ever. How the luckiest generation keeps making money'

    'Canadian Millennials Have Highest Average Net Worth In Canadian History'

    'Millionaire Cities' Abound In Canada As Household Wealth Hits Record High'

    'The Luxe Life: Canada Outpaces U.S. and Europe in Luxury Spending Growth'

    'Canadians quadrupled the amount of money they transferred into tax havens last year'

    'World's Hottest Luxury Real Estate: Canada Tops World On High-End House Price Growth'

    'Canadian Millennials Work The Least Amount Of Hours A Week Than the Rest Of the World'

    'Canada First Country to Permanently Recognize November 15th as National Philanthropy Day'

    'Why Canada Is Able to Do Things Better - understands that when it comes to government, you pay for what you get'

    Canadians’ Financial Fortunes Continue To Rise - Nationwide, household net worth rose impressive 12.0 percent to $770,635.00'

    Rich in freedom:

    'Canada's Charter of Rights: a global model'

    'The Charter proves to be Canada's gift to world'

    'Canada is the World's Constitutional Superpower'

    'Canada offers more freedom to citizens than the US'

    'Report: US States less free than Canadian Provinces'

    'Canada: Every child has the right to a safe and healthy home'

    'Charter of Rights turns Canada into a 'constitutional' trendsetter'

    'It's Official, Canada Ranked #1 Most Free Country In The World'

    Rich in opportunities:

    'Canada ranks first for its business operating environment among the 60 largest economies in the world'

    'Canada leads the western hemisphere in change readiness according to KPMG and Oxford Economics'

    'Conservative Think Tank: 10 Countries With Universal Health Care Have Freer Economies Than The U.S.'

    'The most prosperous nation in the Americas, Canada ranks first in personal freedom'

    'Still think Canada is more socialist than the United States? The joke’s on you'

    'Canada: Richer than America and more economically powerful than Europe'

    'When it Comes to Being Entrepreneur-Friendly, Canada Whoops the US'

    'Canada ranks 1st in G7 for corporate tax rate and cost competitiveness'

    'Canada doesn't need to be an economic superpower to lead the world'

    'On Jobs, Canada’s Metropolitan Areas Outperform Their U.S. Peers'

    'Immigrants to Canada Outperform Those to America Economically'

    'Canada more cost-competitive than the US across all industries'

    'Stanford Economist: Move to Canada to Find American Dream'

    'Canadian government bonds still safest bet in developed world'

    'Canada ranked world's most tax-friendly country for business'

    'Canada's Economic Mobility Creates a Land of Opportunity'

    'Canada is home to the World's most stable financial sector'

    'Canada is More Pro-Business than The United States'

    'Canada is the most tax competitive country in the G7'

    'Canada leads North America in economic freedom'

    'Canada is more capitalist than the United States'

    'Canada Leads G7 in Lowest Business Costs'

    'Canada Widens Economic Freedom Lead'

    'Diversity as a Competitive Advantage'

    'Canadian capitalism roars to victory'

    Rich in education:

    'Canada leads world in tertiary, college education'

    'Canadians' science literacy ranks 1st among 35 countries'

    'Canada leads the world in producing highly educated adults'

    'How Canada became an education superpower - BBC News'

    'Richer, smarter, taller: A measure of Canada from the OECD'

    '10 Smartest Countries in the World and Canada Takes Top Spot'

    'More Canadians have post-secondary education than other OECD nations'

    Rich in quality of life:

    'Canada's Cities are a Model for the World'

    'Toronto remains the safest city in North America'

    '3 of the 5 most liveable cities in the world are Canadian'

    '5 Safest Cities in World: Toronto And Montreal Make List'

    'Canadian cities boast highest quality of living in North America'

    'Canadian cities 'dominate' North American quality-of-life rankings'

    'Canadian cities rank top in North America for personal safety and security'

    'The 25 Safest Countries In The World - Canada standing alone in representing the Americas'

    '5 Countries You Can Feel Safest Traveling To - Canada tops many charts for safest places''

    'The Mounties are Canada's Swiss-army knife of elite law enforcement'

    'Overall crime rate still dropping in Canada, Statscan reports'

    'Murder rates in Canada lowest since 1966'

    'Canada famous for low crime'

    Rich in global goodwill, too:

    'Canada Has What the World Wants'

    'The World would love to be Canadian'

    'Confirmed: The world loves Canadians'

    'Canada: A Country that Loves Everybody'

    'Suddenly, everyone wants to be Canadian'

    'Why we should all be going to Canada now'

    'The world thinks the world needs more Canada too'

    'World Looks to Canada for Exceptional Leadership'

    'Canada ranked most influential country in the world'

    'Is Canada the most successful country in the world?'

    'Canada's cultural impact around the world undeniable'

    'Britons and Other EU Citizens Look to Canada After the UK Votes to Leave EU'

    'We Could Have Been Canada - Was the American Revolution such a good idea?'

    'It’s Official, Canadian Passport Now Ranked Most Valuable Passport In The World'

    'How Canadians made the world 'smaller, kinder, safer, healthier, wealthier and happier'

    'After Brexit and Donald Trump, Canada is the "only remotely sane place" left on Earth'

    'Canada is the top country in the world to visit, live in, study and attend or organize events'

    'Most Loved Countries In The World - Popular opinion names Canada as the best country worldwide'

    'Canada voted Best Country in the World'

    'Canada ranked the freest country in the world'

    'Canada Ranked #1 Country for Women to Live'

    'Canadian civil service judged to be world's best'

    'Canada ranked No. 1 country brand in the world'

    'Millennials rank Canada as best country in the world'

    'Canada ranked #1 in the World for Personal Freedoms'

    'Canada ranked No. 1 country brand in the world AGAIN!'

    'Canada Ranked As 'Most Admired' Country In The World'

    'Canada is officially the best travel destination in the world'

    'Reputation Institute: Canada most reputable country in world'

    'Canada is the least xenophobic country in the Western world'

    'Canada Voted #1 Best Country In The World For Quality Of Life'

    'Canada Named The 'Most Admired' Country In The World, Again'

    'Canada ranks first in world for personal freedom and social tolerance'

    'Strong and free: Canada tops list of most tolerant nations in the world'

    'Best Country For Kids: Canada Best Place In The World To Raise Children'

    'Canada named the country with the best reputation by global survey — again'

    Truly an embarrassment of blessings and riches of all kinds. And that is truthfully and literally barely anything.

    But at least you'll understand why Canada's where the world goes to get rich nowadays. And who could blame them?

    You only get one life to live. Might as well make it the richest, happiest, most satisfying life possible by going to Canada.

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    99% of the wealth is owned by 1% of the population already, we can't give them much more.

  • 2 years ago

    Rich in what sense?

  • 2 years ago

    How about we all just keep the money we earn. No stealing money in excess taxation because politics of envy is fun.

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    If I were a rich man..

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