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Rogue One explains how the narrow shaft that Luke shot 2 proton torpedos to destroy the 1st death star was a deliberate design flaw. But...?


How does George Lucas explain why their was aa much larger, more accessible vulnerable spot on the second death star and how does J J Abrams explain essentially the same vulnerable spot on Star Killer base?Are the engineers for The Empire and First Order just that incompetent?

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    *The second Death Star was still under construction during the Battle of Endor, even though its main weapon was ready. The Rebels went through the unfinished side of the Death Star to destroy the core.

    *The Resistance actually had to create an opening on the Star Killer Base with bombs, in order to allow Poe to enter and destroy the base from the inside.

    It should be noted that Lucas had no role in the production of The Force Awakens

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    No idea and I have the Tesco star wars featurette book!!!???!!!

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    Heh narrow shaft (;

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