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Do you like StarWars original trilogy/prequels or the new ones directed by J.J. abrams?

Recently, after watching the last Jedi the first day it came out(cuz I’m a StarWars geek), I’ve heard many people say “it’s the best StarWars I’ve watched” but i think different. In my opinion the new StarWars directed by J.J. Was just not StarWars, especially last Jedi. Last Jedi was mainly comedy and there were new things added we’ve never seen in StarWars such as the weird matrix scene(you know what i mean if you’ve watched last Jedi). Besides that, last Jedi wasn’t much action compared to the older StarWars besides the phantom menace of course lol. Anyways, i just want to know what you guys think about the new director and if it’s only me who doesnt like the recent force awakens and last Jedi.

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    All trilogies have their good moments and bad. But for the prequels and the new trilogy, there are certainly more bad than good. For the original trilogy, the story was original and intriguing, and will never get old in my heart. As far as The Last Jedi goes, it is the worst movie in the entire Star Wars saga, according to the rating of fans. Only 51% liked it, whereas 97% liked Empire Strikes Back.

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    3 years ago

    Original Trilogy by far

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    I think all the Star Wars movies are overrated

  • Aarj
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    3 years ago

    The prequels suck.

    The original trilogy is a gem.

    The last Jedi felt like fanfiction, honestly. The acting was immature. Kylo Ren Sucked. Wasn't a bad film, but the original trilogy is better.

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  • 3 years ago

    Original. New one is a travesty.

  • The original, and not the remastered versions of the original.

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