Rate these transfers out of ten if these players were to join these clubs next month and explain yourself as best you can, see below?

Ozil - Manchester United

Sanchez - Manchester City

Butland - Liverpool

Barkley - Chelsea

Malcolm (of Bordeaux) - Tottenham

Mahrez - Arsenal

Ratings should be based on how much they'd improve the team really. Then just elaborate a little bit so we know why you chose your ratings

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  • ZolGOD
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    3 years ago
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    Ozil - United. 9/10. He would thrive there and United could really benefit it. Jose needs a very creative player like him. I hope it happens for the sake of Ozil

    Sanchez - 3.5/10 maybe a few seasons

    ago. Right now he’s not any better then the starting wingers right now in Sane and Sterling. They’re also way younger.

    Butland - Liverpool 6/10 If Butland actually ends up showing he’s a top goalie this would be great for Liverpool. I just don’t really know what to rate him as a player.

    Barkley - Chelsea 0/10. No he’s not good. He would not be helpful in any ways. He’s also always hurt. I don’t see what he could do better then Kante, Fabregas, Drinkwater, or Bakayoko.

    Malcom - Tottenham. 5/10 I don’t even know who this guy is.

    Mahrez - Arsenal. 4-/10. He’s been figured out. He’s just a decent winger now he’s not a player of the season caliber. Arsenal need to strength the defense and defensive midfield spot.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Ozil - Manchester United 1/10 Utd are crap full of midfield lazybones already.

    Sanchez - Manchester City !/10 City have enough strikers

    Butland - Liverpool - 1/10 Pool have a decent enough keeper - they need hardmen defenders.

    Barkley - Chelsea - 1/10 Pointless exercise in futility.

    Malcolm (of Bordeaux) - Tottenham 1/10 who he LOL

    Mahrez - Arsenal 5/10 won't suit Gooner's style if Sanchez leaves.

  • 3 years ago

    Ozil 9/10 class is permanent

    Sanchez 8/10 he's playing like crap on purpose

    Butland 5/10 not buying it rather develop Karius

    Barkley 3/10 conte has a wierd obsession with average CM's

    Malcolm, lol Spurs and irrelevant players bc they have no pull power but I'm sure he's decent Pochettino isn't bad at spotting talent 5/10 gamble

    Mahrez 8/10 class player but I think he's going to Roma if they come calling

  • 3 years ago

    Ozil-2/10, they already got enough flat track bullies in that team, if they ever wanna compete with city they gotta do MUCH better than that

    Sanchez-1/10, not needed at all. We already got sane and sterling. It’s already hard enough to fit in Bernardo and Jesus in the team regularly as well, they’re both much better and younger than Sanchez so there’s no point in giving up a spot for him.

    Butland-6/10, Liverpool need a solid keeper if they’re gonna have that sh*t defense lmao, butland is a good option but not THAT good

    Barkley-0/10, he’s sh*t LOL

    Malcolm-5/10 idk never heard of him, there’s a good chance that he could either turn out to be a quality signing like son or a complete flop like sissoko

    Mahrez-3/10, don’t need him, wouldn’t make much of a difference

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Ozil 8/10 Man United was improve greatly.

    Sanchez 4/10 Man City a bad move for both.

    Butland 6/10 Liverpool a good back up.

    Barkley 7/10 Chelsea a good move for Barkley.

    Malcolm 4/10 Tottenham this is unnecessary.

    Mahrez 9/10 Arsenal would really improve their overall play.

  • Ronnie
    Lv 6
    3 years ago

    Ozil - Manchester United 8/10 - God move for both parties, Man Utd need a creative mid, and Ozil needs a club without a giant loser mentality

    Sanchez - Manchester City 4/10 - He's not needed at all, he's been doghsh1t in 2017 anyway, and he'd just be taking a place of a better player like silva, kdb, sane or sterling

    Butland - Liverpool 5/10 - I don't actually think mignolet is that bad really, but I guess its a goodish transfer

    Barkley - Chelsea 0/10 - Please sweet lord don't let this happen

    Malcolm (of Bordeaux) - Tottenham - Malcolm could work well, in the middle particularly

    Mahrez - Arsenal 3/10 - He's dropped off a lot since 2016, there's a lot of better players Arsenal could get, if any of them would be foolish enough to join

  • 3 years ago

    outnof luck

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