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Would this be a good trade for Manny Machado?

3 way trade Cubs Mets Orioles.

Cubs acquire Machado.

Mets acquire Ian Happand Albert Almora and Mike Montgomery

Oriles acquire Noah Syndagaard Michael Comforto and pitching prospect

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  • Kyle
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    the Mets won't give up Syndergaard. he's their best pitcher. why give up him for an mediocre to average pitcher in Montgomery? the Mets really have no need to get in the trade. it'd make more sense just for a two way team trade.

    I'd be OK with Happ, Almora, and Mongtomery though for Machado. but we still need more pitching. i really don't want to give up Russell. Baez maybe if we have too.

    we also then would need to sign Machado to a long term deal. he's only 25, so he's in the prime of his career. we can't trade three starters, for one person, for a one year rental. it was different for Chapman, because we only traded prospects. if we can't trade then extend Machado to keep him for four or five years, don't do it.

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    No, and Mets would not trade Syndergaard or Conforto, and get nothing in return that's a horseshit trade, something the Padres would make.

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    He protec, he attac, he manny machado

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    No. The Mets aren't trading either of those guys.

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    Mets won't trade Syndagaard for that package.

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    I Cubs wont part with Happ and the Mets aren't going to give up on Syndergaard.

    I could see the Cubs trading Machado for Baez or Russell, Almora, and Montgomery but Chicago wold be stupid to make the deal unless A) They got Machado to agree to an extension and B) Baltimore also agreed to take Jason Heyward in the trade.

    Source(s): Heyward is a waste of fresh air.
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