Where are some affordable, nature oriented cities/towns to live in your mid-twenties?

My friends and I are looking to relocate from Miami fall of this coming year. We are all in our mid-twenties and want to experience living in a fresh environment with a balance of nature and city life that won't completely destroy our wallets!

In the process of researching places to live, we've tried to take into account things such as housing affordability, diversity, outdoor activities, locally supported businesses, and nearby universities as one of us is in the process of obtaining her Interior Design degree. (Also, I am a teacher and would like to live somewhere with a decent public school system!)

We've done the research but want to get personal suggestions as well. So far, we've considered Boulder, CO, Savannah, GA, Ann Arbor, MI, and Chicago, IL (though we know this option is very much out of budget).

If you have any thoughts on these locations or any other suggestions you can make, we'd be glad to hear them!


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  • 3 years ago
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    Many places meet your basic qualifications.

    You really need a map when locating a campus. Many are technically in the next city just an arbitrary line on the map from next.

    How the one gets to class be that by car or public transit is part of your search.


    COSTS like rent tend to be related to the average wage in an area.DO NOT expect to start out at a high wage or a FULL TIME position.

    Nature oriented cities?? What is it you really want? A nearby beach? Maybe some hills/mountains to climb. a forested lake to go fishing? Maybe a place where you can walk or ride a bike to most of your daily needs.?

    For that check out walk scores.

    As a student or 20''s person you do not have a lot of money or time do to do lots with the nearby nature. The local parks,riverside adventures may be your nature allotment during the week. The nearby great outdoors might be just for the weekend.

    Suggest you look on the west side of the Mississippi River. Is there some reason in particular you cannot visit a few places for a weekend adventure before picking a place to move to.

    Be prepared for a move to ANYWHERE with a few months of savings in your pocket.. All things added in expect a move to cost about $5-10,000 before you get the pay from that new job.

    Numbeo gives a reasonable comparison of costs of different places.

    his is another site to compare different places.

    Only you and your friends can place a value on view out the window difficulty of bike trail,distance to fishing spot or whatever it might be you want . Obviously if you want winter snow skiing you go to some place different than a winter on the beach place.

    The middle of the country not that interesting nature wise for your purposes.

    It is not EASY anywhere for young people to start out. Expect to move a few more times over the decades to come as your wants and resources change.

    Spokane WA many suitable places nearby in Idaho. Most of Minnesota but does get cold in Winter.


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    3 years ago

    Can't see how Chicago would be nature oriented. But I'd say look at smaller cities- under 50,000, in Colorado or Minnesota or Oregon or Washington. Even northern California.

  • 3 years ago

    I was going to say Denver, but Boulder is probably more affordable.

  • 3 years ago

    Boulder, Colorado is a great option for you. You're right next to the mountains and have the University of Colorado right there. There's lots of wildlife and outdoors/sports activity plus the proximity to Denver provides additional colleges/universities and social options. There's a thriving community of young people here.

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