Why do women go back to their violent boyfriends?

I was watching a show called "In an instant." There was this young lady with an abusive boyfriend. One night he called her in the middle of the night to apologize for all that. He hugged her then he started stabbing her with a pocket knife. She did survive. Now why do those women go back to those guys when they will get violent to them again? Shouldn't they know that if it happens once it will happen again?

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    2 years ago
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    Possible reasons

    1) This is all they know. They didn't have any type of good male role model in the family to show them how they should be treated by a guy. So, they simply don't know anything else.

    2) Sort of ties into 1, but they don't have enough experience in a relationship. So, they simply don't know any better. When we first date, it's pretty much testing the waters and gaining experience, and people usually make huge mistakes in their first couple of relationships. So, maybe the woman is just really confused on what to do.

    3) They have severe low self-esteem. Lots of girls believe they are NOTHING without a man. So, they stay and center their self-worth, security, and happiness around him.

    4) They love their abuser. They hope or think that the abuser will change. So, they cling on to that hope.

    5) They are scared to leave, especially if it endangers their family and friends. Many times if a woman backs out, it's a death sentence. Damned if so, damned if she don't. If the abuser loses her, he can pretty much fall into the mindset of 'to hell with it. if I can't control her, I'll just kill her'. And many times that DOES HAPPEN.

    6) Women are just completely vulnerable emotionally, and perhaps the most naïve gender to be easily manipulated. Women can be swayed by 'sweet words' and they'll believe him. In other words, some women are just stupidly dumb.

  • It's Stockholm syndrome which is a very sad thing.

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