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What are some good jobs for someone studying entomology?

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    I started entomology mainly as a hobby and interest. a former roomie got his master and went to work for the forestry department doing the harmful insect thing. He loves his work in the wilderness field and does well for himself.

    I was entering a position to county pest control as a bug expert thay I qualified for, but only worked as an applicator after the position became void. I went on to specialize in arachnology, studied venomous arthropod bites and stings, with the notion of becoming bite/sting specialist, that never materialized.

    Medical research gets into entomology, pest control, invasive species control(bug stations),or conservation. Eveninstitute research. There is a career out there. Not much call for a spider expert though, just a hobby.

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    The Border Patrol employs entomologists in order to examine items being imported from other countries. Especially foods being brought in by individuals who do not necessarily know the problems that can arise.

    There are any number of insects that can come in with grain products and other foods, that could be very harmful in the US. And the entomologist at the border has to be able to recognize them, know the signs that they might be present, what their eggs and pupae look like, etc.

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    bee keeping

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