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Does exist a limited internet?

They block the internet and you can go only to a strange internet with strange videos, and all the sites are mixed by robots, so the pages and videos are mixed. What's that?

2- What's the wire you use to connect a cell phone to the notebook?

3-How long can you stay in the internet with 250mo 4g from the operator?

4-If i buy a router having DSL will i have wifi?

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    1. The first part can either be Parental Controls or a Firewall, both control which sites you can visit and what content is blocked on the internet. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) usually supplies parental controls with your router and a 3rd party firewall will have to be used to restrict access to certain sites (Norton, Comodo etc)

    2. It depends what phone you have, but if it's android then the wire will either be: Micro USB or USB-C (for newer phones). If it's iPhone then you will be looking for a lightning cable

    3. It all depends on what you use the phone for, but 250mb really isn't that much to do anything with except send a few emails each month. Most people stick with a 4GB minimum. Data is quite cheap so i'd ask your operator for more

    4. DSL is only the port in the router to connect the cable from the master socket to the router. More or less every modern router will have WiFi capability, especially a router provided by your internet provider. I wouldn't worry to much about that.

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