Why is my CPU fan whirring?


I replaced my last CPU fan about 3 months ago because of the same problem. This time, I've made sure to keep my laptop on a clean surface and I rarely even move it. The fan is making the same whirring noise. I moved it and it took a slight bump, but nothing major (like spanking a child on the wrist). I took out the fan and made sure it was clean and that there was nothing lodged in, but the sound won't go away. Is there a reason this might be happening or a way that I can fix it?

Update 2:

I got it directly from the manufacturer. After using it for another day, I'm finding that it has the same problem as the fan I replaced. It spins, but stops short. The other CPU fan isn't doing that and I thoroughly cleaned it 3 months ago when I replaced it. There also doesn't appear to be a way to lubricate it. It's weird that the problem didn't start until it was lightly tapped.

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  • Adrian
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    3 years ago
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    Just replacing a fan is only 1/2 the heat issue. You have to clean out all the cooling vents in the laptop as well. Those can clog up faster than the fan itself.

    The fan speeding up means there is extra heat inside, either the CPU or GPU (or integrated APU). Heat comes from higher CPU and video usage, running at high clock rates. When heat gets to a certain point, the fan starts or speeds up to remove the heat by blowing cool air over the heatsink fins near the exterior of the laptop. That then cools the CPU/GPU. If the heatsink fins are clogged up, no amount of fan speed will allow enough cooling....

    Finally, where did you get the fan? If you bought it on a place like Ebay or even Amazon, it may have been a used fan, salvaged from some other laptop. Those fans are :unknown" as to their life span, a risk you take by buying a used fan. If it was a new fan, from a reputable supplier, it will only run at high speeds if the rest of the cooling system is clogged up with dust or link...

  • David
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    3 years ago

    I think you might whirr if you got a spanking. The fan is probably defective, where did you get it?

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    3 years ago

    may need cleaning also check cpu temp

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