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High Cholestrol levels at 14 years of age,help before its too late?

Okay,im 14 and i just went for a medical check up and turns out my body is fully functioning and healthy BUT my cholesterol levels are 197 and the maximum level must be less than 200. Noting that my eating habits are not terrible but i suppose ive gotten high cholesterol because of heridity as my mother suffers from extreme high levels and is taking medication.i weight 53kg and im 5'4. Any ideas on how i can save myself before it's too late?

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    Yeah, a lot of people do not understand being slim or young does not mean being healthy, your mother would not have to take that medication if she just stopped eating saturated fats and cholesterol.

    your score is high, but everyone in the western/developed world has high cholesterol scores, you should be under the upper limit of 140

    please please stop eating foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol, this means no eggs at all, I understand you may like ice cream, that is fine as a treat. but the easy sources should be cut out, like glasses of milk, and limit your cheese intake.

    cut down on animal prodcuts and enjoy a plant based diet.

    I'm sure you know having high cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis, this increases your chances of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and reduces overall blood circulation.

    do not think this is based solely on genetics, children as young as 10 are showing signs of heart disease, we are not designed to ingest any dietary cholesterol, and we start from the age of 3.

    if you have 0 dietary cholesterol you would not have to worry about the harmful effects, do not see it as a negative :D just a revert back to the natural human diet.

    please show your parents the nutritionfacts website i mentioned below,

    You need a low fat diet, high plant carb diet, does that not make more sense to you? carbs are what humans need, our brains use 40-60% of our daily intake of glucose.

    the body prefers to burn glucose since it is a cleaner fuel, It hates turning it into fat. On the other hand fat is fat.. our bodies store it so well, if they took a needle and took a sample, they could tell what foods you ate.

    Foods that you think are high carb like, pizza, cookies, donuts.. are actually high fat.

    and have you noticed that all healthy/plant foods have most of their calories in the form of carbs? plants are our friends and we depend on them, so do not be afraid of healthy carbs.

    Stick to whole plant foods like: yams, plantain, brown rice, bean/peas/legumes, lentils, quinoa, oats, barley, wholewheat pasta/cous cous, sweet potatoes, parsnips, cassava, leafy greens, veggies and fruits!

    Get your healthy oils from Avocados, nuts like walnuts, and seeds like flax, chia and pumkin.

    These foods are great for you and in the right combos form almost any meal you can think off.

    they provide: phytonutrients, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. this also helps control blood glucose levels, and cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, feed good gut bacteria and prevent against cancer.

    since they are high in water and fiber content, they will keep you feeling full for longer.

    also make sure you are getting enough vitamin D3, and B12, and enough iodine.

    Youtube is your friend, search > will save your life, he will show unbiased scientific research free of charge, binge all his videos and read the studies for yourself.

    Great informative videos and some cooking guides:

    happy healthy vegan

    mic the vegan

    mina rome


    simnett nutrition

    Liv B

    jon venus

    I'm not asking you to go vegan, reduction over perfection, but i swear on my life the only diet that can prevent and reverse heart disease is the natural human plant based diet.

    please google these people:

    milton mills

    T. Colin Campbell

    Caldwell Esselstyn

    Dean Ornish

    Kim A. Williams Sr.

    John McDougall

    neal barnard

    michael greger

    michael klaper

    kim a williams

    while you get used to the lifestyle change make sure you track your micros and calories on cronometer, its a great site.

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    If i helped, and my answer has helped you the most, please consider choosing as best answer, or even just leaving some feedback.

    the only reason i ask is because i just got top contributor, and i need to maintain the answer to top answer ratio.

    however i annoy people by shoving health in their face, and none of the other regulars like me lol.

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      Haha!! no worries at all, I'm so glad you took the time to read my answer.
      i was really getting sad on yahoo answers, lots of crazies trying to kill people with poor nutrition advice, i wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy :D

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    All you can do is eat a healthy diet and exercise. Your genetics are what they are and you can't avoid what is inevitable.

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    Cut down on eggs and other high cholesterol having foods.

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      claims asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, but i happen to have some. please stop trying to kill people, ignorance is not an excuse. those studies are flawed by design, and funded by the animal industry.

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