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Are most Muslims bad than good?

So I’m no Muslim but I keep on hearing that Muslims overall are good.

I’m a Christians and I’m aware that few Christians are true followers. In fact our own bible warns us that. “for the heart of a man is deceitful...” “many have been called few would be chosen...”

But anyways I know most Muslims don’t want to blow things up. But the Muslims that do blow things up get this things from the Quran and do it for prophetic reasons. You also have about 200 millions out of 1 billion Muslims that justify this terrorist attacks.

It seems most people in the Middle East hate terrorists but many believe in beating their wives or stuff like that. They also believe in many extremists rules found in sharia law. They do hate terrorists but are a little extreme in their practices.

It seems that moderate Muslims live in countries where majority are not Muslims like Europe. Kind of weird but they’re more moderate in places like Dubai, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Syria (before civil war), and North America. But this Muslims who are moderates do things like drinking, having sex before marriage.

It also seems that when Muslims began to grow in numbers so does the violence. throughout history There’s been many Muslim countries that opt for secular governments but as time progress many Muslims wish to return to a strict Muslim theocratic gov

They blame Zionism and Wahhabism for this but most radical Muslims have gotten their view from other sources.

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    Muslims like to have sex with goats. So you do the math.

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      Tour the BuyBull Belt - christers have sex with their immediate family members, especially when the farm animals are still out to pasture...

      YAY! WHO WINS!

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    As with all religions there are good and bad ideologies A true Muslim is peace loving

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    I live in a small town (less than 2000 people). We are one of the most culturally diverse cities around. Our Muslim population is great. They work hard, own businesses, and don't force their beliefs on anyone. If you have questions, you can ask and they will give you an answer. They are not bad people. Many came to escape the horrors of their homelands.

    • I dated Muslim girls before. But they were not practicing muslims. They didn’t pray as they were thought too. They drank wine and had sex, the only thing they didn’t do was not eat pork. But if you were told to find porn disgusting since you were a child then I don’t think it’s hard to say no pork

  • there is nothing "good" about islam..... the muslims... ALL muslims... are islam.........ALL who are of islam are sworn to obey the law of the so-called allah of islam..... Absolutely and without exception... it is the decree of allah that islam is to dominate the world... and that ALL who do not submit to the law of allah are to be KILLED... do you see any good in that?...... I don't............ there is absolutely nothing in the law of allah(koran) that makes any place in islam for "moderates"... one obeys or else.... submit or die is the core of islam..... the so-called "moderates" are the cowards who are willing to let others do the dirty work... but when an area is dominated by islam... ALL who are of islam obey the law of allah

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    A Muslim is a person who follow Quran,Allah in ch 5 v 32 of Quran says if you kill a human being unless for murder or for mischief in the land means as if you have killed whole humanity if you save an innocent human being means as if you have saved whole humanity

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    Just those that require Jihad !!

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    It kind of seems most atheists are liberals who love to bash Christians and are so infatuated with the crusades forgetting that most extremists now days are Muslims.

    They still love to talk about the KKK even though we have not have lynch in years.

    Millions of Muslims justify this terrorist attacks and that makes them accomplice. No one is saying that you have millions of Muslims doing Terrorists attacks. We saying we have many sympathizers

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    Anyone who doesn't condemn completely the evil Muslims who do horrendous things is evil too, Muslim or not.

  • Most Muslims are "good people" without any hope of salvation. Imagine, they reject the very Gospel that would give them life eternal freely. Don't you find it sad?

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