How to fix my editing softwares?

Hi I am a content creator and yesterday I encountered a problem I never seen before.

When I tryed to edite a video on Premiere Pro 2018 it started to freez for about 10sec every 2 sec from the moment I started it so I couldn't edite the video in premiere pro 2018 and used my backup editing software(previouse main so im familiar with the software) Sony Vegas Pro 15 and the editing was flawless until I tryed rendering and here it just started to crash every time.

I tryed chanching codec and FPS and Resolution nothing worked and it's not a CPU burning itself because its pretty cool during the procces.

I tryed fixing Premiere Pro 2018 but this time when I started it the top bar that canges the window layout to effects, color, editind and assembly was gone as well as the small effects window that is on the top left when im in editing layout and on top of all of that the software still freezing like I described at the beginning of the details.

I had a problem about a month ago too, my premiere pro was crashing on launch and sony vegas was crashing on rendering too and I couldn't fix it so I restarted my PC completely(Factory Reset) and everything was normal until yesterday.

Please Help.

PC Specs:

*CPU Intel I7 7700 3.6GHz

*GPU Nvidia GTX 1070

*Ram DDR4 16GB

*Windows 10

*3xHard Drives 2TB

*Disc C(Windows Hard Drive) 120GB

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  • 2 years ago
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    it just sounds like a combination of Driver version for your GPU and possibly a few slow disk sectors. you should avoid using other software before editing as programs like Browsers often leave tasks dangling using up cpu processing time which you might not realise are there and have gone wrong whilst browsing. most people have a SEPARATE User Login just for video editing, and use utilities to KILL background services like ENDITALL before editing. This helps get back your full cpu processing power and to guarantee no interruptions from unneeded applications. *** Some editing software may list somewhere the recommended GPU driver version for use with their editor as if thats an issue, then LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE have the same problem as you.

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