Austria for the future of europe? (austrias new government just passed a law that every aslyum seeker will be striped of all his money?

and his cell phone the moment he/she crys alylum.

(the money will not be returned even if asylum is not granted) But they will return the phone after they used it to track back people who "forgot" where they came from,

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    LIVERPOOL (Labour) has just defied the Tories and

    are sheltering feeding assisting with benefits health

    care free prescriptions then rehousing support for ALL

    ROUGH SLEEPERS a place to go WILL include refugees

    and asylum seekers who have fallen through the cracks in

    ENGLAND where the system is up the wall (and is illegal !)

    LIVERPOOL LABOUR have spent £250,000 out of their budget

    to convert equip and set up a place for ALL homeless to sleep so


    LABRE HOUSE (plus a minibus for trips out and moving into a home)

    Camden Street (off London Road) Liverpool FREE food accomodation etc

    IGNORE THE BIGOTS and the media hype most of which is just UNTRUE

    we "don't care what your name is we'll never turn you away" Gerry Marsden

    Source(s): . LIVERPOOL ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  • 3 years ago

    I Like The Idea.

    Can we get this kind of law passed in the U.S.?

    (Unfortunately, we probably can't.)

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