Would an Ares Shrike 5.56 be a better self defense weapon given a choice between a pistol or a shotgun?


Similar price.

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  • 2 years ago
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    Well, you won't own the shrike. A short pump shotgun would be effective. My .45 ACP M-1911 is perfect for my needs, the one I carry and train with. Get a Glock .40, that will work.

    "IF" you could even find an illegal shrike, it will run you about $20,000 and go through over $100 in ammo per minute.

    You can get a belt feed upper for them for another $4000

    What, you expect to get home invaded by the 5th cavalry or something?

    I have a 45 Thompson and about worthless short of competition shooting, hopefully, my days of combat are over.

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      For the OP, if you are willing to spend $3500+ for the upper, sure, it would certainly beat any pistol, shotgun, or most rifles, but you had better vet it thoroughly with whatever ammo you choose to use. Also, beltfeds are best used from a stationary position, as movement can cause loose rounds/jams

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Heck yes dude. I be liking mine. I be kool dude.

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  • BBean
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    2 years ago

    Perfect defense weapon if you own two of them....right eject and left eject for each hand...just don`t get them mixed up.

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      Rambo would be jealous! Of course two SHRIKE equipped AR-15s would still weigh less than one pig like he used.

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