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Anonymous asked in TravelMexicoOther - Mexico · 2 years ago

Can I use a return address from a different country?

I live in the U.S. and I want to send a letter to someone in Mexico. It's a long story but I was wondering what happens if I mail it to one address and put the return address as another place they might be staying at instead of my own? So if it doesn't make it to the first place then it will return to them at the second place? This is of course assuming that I put the correct postage. Will it matter if the return address is also from Mexico even though I'm sending it from the U.S.?

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  • 2 years ago
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    put whatever return address you want on it.

    Many international shipping companies on ebay etc do it

    They have a local 'collections' agency for returns etc (to save the buyer doing international shipping costs)

    Just remember, there is no requirement for any postal service (or anyone at that address) to use the return address.

    The Post service can deliver 'to the address' - Job (that the postage paid for) done..

    And if the person for whom it is for, is not there. that will be the end of the journey.

    Especially in Hotels/hostels etc where people try to use them as 'pick up' / PO Box points and it may just sit there forever or be thrown away eventually.. They don't know when you may come by to collect it.

    But hey, you can put no address or any address.

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