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Recently I witness a box truck pull up at 3 am & about 10 hispanic guys & 2 latinas got out the back of the truck?

there was some mattress & water bottles in back of the truck suggesting long question is i got a good look at them and now I see one of the hispanic males has been given a job with the people across the street...I surmise that these are illegal immigrants,the people across the street some of them are illegal immigrants .Who do I call have this looked into ? The police or ice ??

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    Phone ICE Hotline & report the incident, & that you believe the householders are involved in human trafficking, smuggling illegal aliens & possibly drugs, etc. Report illegal alien(s) working for Name, Address, etc.

    If you witness such an event again, phone police again to report suspected human trafficking. If you see any child, be sure to mention that you are concerned about child in danger - trafficking minor child, reckless endangerment of child, etc.

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    Cool story bro...

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    Either the police or ICE

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