Would i still be able to drive in the future?

so it seems to me that a lot of powerful people are wrecking my future life by making things such as driving automated using electronic systems. im mostly looking at people like elon musk. the thing is that i dont really like driving new cars, especially electric cars. my passion and work is in classic and retro cars, does anyone think that i would still be able to pursue this career after majority of the world is being driven in these automated electric vehicles that elon musk and people like him are creating?

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    2 years ago
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    How old are you? 20?

    So in ten years you'll be 30 and only around 15% of cars bring sold will be electric. Everyone else driving gasoline.

    In twenty years you'll be 40 nearly 35% of cars being sold will be electric and Great Britain will ban fossil fuels.

    Thirty years from now you'll be 50 and nearly half of all vehicles bring sold in the USA will be electric. But the great majority of classic cars will be gasoline powered and gasoline will still be around.

    In forty years from now the "weirdos" will be the only ones buying new gasoline and diesel cars. The car you bought brand new today will be a classic and the classic car of today will be worth a fortune. But by that time you'll be worried more about retirement than what your car runs on.

    In fifty years it will be required that all new cars be automatically driven and you won't even remember you asked this question.

    In sixty years cars will levitate and you'll be lucky to even be alive.

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      ok, thx this makes me feel a bit more secure

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