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Deacon for hypoglycemia?

I have hypoglycemia and I was wondering if I could get a deacon even though I AM NOT DIABETIC! I have done research on it but I have not read anything about it being good for people who are hypoglycemic without diabetes. I would like to know when I’m going low doing school. But could I get one?

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    In the FDA trial I was in for the Dexcom CGM system, (I assume that you meant Dexcom and not Deacon), there were type 1s, type 2s and several hypoglycemics as well as people with no BG problems as controls.

    If you can afford the system and the consumables, get your doctor to prescribe one of these CGM systems for you. Hopefully your insurance will pay for the device and the consumables, if not it's going to be a spendy option for you. And yes the CGMs can be used for hypoglycemia. The reason you have not seen anything about them being used by people with JUST hypoglycemia is due to the cost.

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    You need a prescription which means you need to be treated by a doctor.

    Hypoglycemia is the opposite of diabetes. If you actually have hypoglycemia, you DO JOT have diabetes.

    But some diabetics can have hypog!ycemic ATTACKS if their meals an insulin are not balanced.

    • Kayla2 years agoReport

      No offense but this did not help at all I already know what hypoglycemia is and I know I don’t have diabetes did you even read my question

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