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You jump off a platform 134m above a river, while attached to a bungee cord with an unstretched length of 40 m. You then fall another 80 m before the bungee cord, which obeys Hooke's Law, brings you to a stop and then starts pulling you upward. What is your net acceleration in units of g (9.81 m/s^2) due to the bungee cord and gravity at the lowest point where your velocity is zero?

Can someone please explain how to get this answer? Thank you!

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    2 years ago
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    GPE becomes SPE

    mgh = ½kx²

    so you need the mass m to proceed.

    My mass is around 80 kg:

    80kg * 9.8m/s² * 120m = ½ * k * (80m)²


    k = 29.4 kg/s²

    At maximum extension, then,

    net F = kx - mg = 29.4kg/s² * 80m - 80kg * 9.8m/s² = 1568 N

    so acceleration

    a = F / m = 1568N / 80kg = 19.6 m/s² = 2*g

    and I suspect that this is true regardless of your mass.

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