Is Failing a class the end of the world?

I'm in my first year of college and I got a D in a history class. At my college, a D is passing but since I wanna transfer I need a C or better. I know that I can retake the course and only the more recent (hopefully better grade when I retake) will be better but the D will be on my transcript forever. I do feel like even though a D is not a good grade and still dings my GPA that it is still better than an F because it still counts as completed credit in the completion rate calculation for financial aid. Becuase I got A's and Bs in my other classes, my GPA is still above a 2.0 so I'm not at risk of being put on academic probation or loosing my financial but it's never good to fail or get a bad grade in a class. I worry this may hurt my chances of transfering, getting a good Job after graduation, and getting into graduate school. While I hate myself for the poor grade I got I do still have some kind of hope in me Because I've heard that once I'm at some kind of four year institution that GPAS don't transfer, that most jobs don't look at transcript, Have heard stories of people who have worked at places that did require them to give there transcript who had a big fat F on there from when they previously failed a course and still got the Job, that because I'm only in my first year of college that I still have time to improve on my grades and academic skills, and know that most people have gotten bad grades once in there life. What do you think? Am I doomed?


I say failing when I got a D because I still gotta retake the course and is not passing at university. I forgot the word aid when I said financial. I'm obviously not at risk of loosing my financial aid because I met the 2.0 GPA requirement and completed 66% of my classes.

Update 2:

I tried everything I could to do well in the class. There's no History tutoring on campus, my instructor refused to help in class, he never gave study guides So I could have an idea what kind of essays he would want us to write on tests so I could prepare for them, he didn't have a syllabus or enter individual grades in online,and I even tried to get private tutoring but was only able to meet once due to his busy schedule. I attend every class session and always read the textbook too.

Update 3:

Unfortunately, my efforts have only helped me pass but I guess atleast the effort was worth it to keep my financial aid.

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    It's not the end of the world if you fail or get a D on your transcript.

    Here's the bigger picture: your grades mean nothing in the real world, that is, after you graduate and get a job. People won't care you got a D back in first year college.

    However, for the short term while you're still working on your degree, it matters. Just re-take the class, be more careful in the future, and try get an acceptable grade for all the classes you need to complete your degree. Remember, while you're still in school, it's never too late to ask for help if you're struggling!

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  • Hande
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    3 years ago

    If so, I would have brought the end of the world minimum 5 times so far.

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