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Tampon issue? Urgent? *caution descriptive*?

So I use tampax n I went to take it out before gym class today and it was like half dry. When I pulled it out and it looked like some of the fabric came off. Idk if any came off in my va jj. I tried to check if I could find anything to pull it out n I didn't feel anything. I'm still worried tho. What should I do? What would happen if some did get stuck up there? Is there a possible way to get it out without going to the hospital?

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    Some Tampax tampons expand in a way that could be mistaken for there being a piece missing, which may be the situation here, if you are concerned that a piece has actually come off then use clean fingers to reach into your vagina to check if you can feel it. This is a Tampax Pocket Pearl expanded to show what I mean:

    Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ so any fibers or pieces of tampon should naturally come out on their own with your discharge and menstrual flow - remember all tampons lose fibers, rayon brands like Tampax lose more than cotton brands, this is one reason why you're supposed to alternate with pads often to allow your vagina a chance to clean these out.

    If still concerned then wear a pad for the rest of your period - if your flow is too light for tampons then you should be wearing pads or liners anyway - and watch for symptoms of TSS or/and vaginal infections like Bacterial Vaginosis.

    Be more careful next time - tampons need to be changed at least every 4-6 hours and by the time you remove the tampon it should be saturated with blood, if not then you're using too high an absorbency or your flow is too light for tampons.

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    It didn’t. Those things are stuck together incredibly well.

    If you fish a finger around up inside of yourself and can’t feel anything, you’re fine.

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    you don't need too go to a hospital for that

  • 2 years ago

    Go see a docter and just use pads instead

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      That wasn't helpful at all and u didn't answer any of my questions

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