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Did the Missouri Department of Revenue just make the biggest mistake & will activists protests all the arrests as racist ?

GLADSTONE, Mo. -- A forgery bust rounded up a dozen illegal immigrants trying to get Missouri IDs with stolen identification so they could work in the US.

Law enforcement had to move fast to foil this forgery scheme.

Investigators with the Missouri Department of Revenue figured there was something fishy going on when they realized about 100 people had gotten IDs at the same address in Kansas City, Mo.

The house on Askew in Kansas City is way to small for 100 adults to be living there. That is the conclusion made by investigators from the Missouri Department of Revenue when they checked out the home belonging to Nohemi Lara.

Lara is one of 17 people charged with forgery in the ID scam. Investigators said she is paid to interpret for illegal immigrants at the Missouri license bureau, knowing they were using stolen birth certificates and social security numbers to get state IDs.

Homeland Security agent Mark Fox who led this investigation said illegal immigrants use the stolen identities to get by the e-verify system and get a job. When they earn money and it is reported to the IRS, it becomes a life-changing problem for the person they are pretending to be.

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    No mistake. Identity theft, identity fraud, forgery, etc, are horrible crimes which cause the victims to suffer huge losses. All those stealing, forging, possessing, and/or using false, forged, stolen identification should be arrested & jailed upon conviction. If they are illegal aliens, deport. If they are green card holders involved in this organized crime ring, revoke green card & deport. If they are natural-born citizens involved, throw them in prison. Over 10 million Americans a year are victims of identity theft, identity fraud, and it costs them hundreds of billions a year.

    Of course the illegal aliens & their apologists are going to scream "racism" to deflect arguments over their criminal behavior. Once they can deflect & create an emotional issue, they can avoid dealing with CRIMES.

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    The Left will of course shriek it is "racism". The Left says everything they don't like is "racism".

    I wonder how many of them have been voting.....

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    Enforcing the law is not a mistake. No doubt Democrats and Liberals will label this as a racist incident to pressure the Government to drop charges and stop it from trying the same tactics in the future. They'll be getting their rent-a-mob ready to show solidarity with the criminals and the Liberal media will provide sympathetic, fawning commentary about the abuse of these poor "undocumented persons". No doubt Liberal lawyers are rushing Missouri to offer their services to the illegal immigrants.

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