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Was Paul Newman Better Than Marlon Brando?

Similar generation, Newman never thought of himself as better or even as good as Brando but really Newman rarely if ever did a bad film, he did many really good films, The Sting (1973) won more Oscars than any Brando film and he won a Best Actor Oscar for The Color Of Money (1986), after many nominations (was nominated more than Brando).

He was married to Joanne Woodward for 50 years, from 1958 to his death in 2008, seemed a good guy too, Brando, I doubt he spent 50 minutes with the same woman, he said he loved many women but some for 'only a few minutes at a time' that was Brando's quote.

Newman never became a joke, whereas one just has to watch Island Of Dr Moreau (1996) to see Brando became a joke.

Was Newman a better actor?

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    Marlon Brando had few peers as the iconic actor he was. He was someone many other actors emulated and admired for his roles. As much as he's remembered for The Godfather, my favorite Brando movie is Last Tango in Paris, which came out the same year. He was much more daring in his roles, and even when he went a little wacky in his personal life, he still showed his acting skills in later roles. I, agree, The Island of Dr Moreau was a strange role, and even stranger movie, but Brando took those roles because wanted a chance to play different characters. He played characters much like they were written in novels. He has been so many different people in all his movies...he was never a vanilla actor--he brought something to each role.

    Despite some of these weird roles in his later years, he threw in some very good ones, most notably as a lawyer in "A Dry White Season" and as essentially Don Corleone, again, in "The Freshman." Just look at his filmography below...he's was acting for 57 years. I still consider him the greatest actor of all time.

    That being said, Paul Newman was never a lesser actor than Marlon Brando. I consider him to be just as great as Brando. Paul Newman never took weird roles during his some 52 years acting. He picked those roles that suited him...he never reinvented himself for roles like Brando, but he was never the wrong choice for any role. He was an outstanding actor. My favorite Newman movie was Cool Hand Luke, but I think his best acting role was in The Long, Hot Summer.

    Paul Newman was in that class of actors who were good in every role they played, but he never took on the roles that Marlon Brando played. That's nothing against him. But, Newman also didn't go wacky like Brando in his later years, and actually did a lot more than acting in his life.

    As stated in the link below, he was an actor, voice actor, film director, producer, race car driver, IndyCar owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and activist. His 100% profits charity "Newman's Own Foundation" has been helping people, especially children all over the world for 35 years. Newman's Own Sockarooni pasta sauce is my all-time favorite. Paul Newman wasn't only an accomplished actor, he was an accomplished human being. Even in death, he continues to make a difference in this world.

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    It's funny how incredibly obvious you are when answering your own questions.

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    No, they were both great and about equal

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    At least Paul Neuman didn't sodomize any young women like Brando did in Last Tango In Paris.

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    get a life

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    No, Brando was better, he won 2 Oscars for On The Waterfront and The Godfather, both better than most Newman films and performances.

    Newman disliked being compared to Brando because he knew that Brando was one of the greats.

    So what if Newman was married all that time?, Brando just enjoyed life and lived by his own terms, he had many women and maybe men or both at same time.

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    They are totally different, you can't compare them, both were good, everyone on his own style. I personally like Newman more, but the godfather Brando was brilliant.

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